Derek Jones, Owner & Founder

PROF PHOTO DJDerek Jones is the owner and founding broker of Legacy Mortgage Group.  Derek started Legacy in 2001 after a bad refinance experience, and a strong desire to serve clients and ensure they had a superior loan experience to his.

A 1990 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Derek served his country honorably during the First Gulf War as an Infantry Lieutenant and Airborne Ranger.  There and at West Point, he learned how to lead an organization, much how he leads his Legacy employees now.  “You have to take good care of your internal customers (employees), if you expect them to take good care of your external customers.  Business leadership and business success is simple really, if you apply the Golden Rule to your employees and your clients.  Too often, though, that classic principle is violated, whether it is a small business or a giant corporation.”

After finishing Active Duty service with the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, TX, Derek moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth where he met and married his wife Rebekah.  There they settled in the Lewisville-Flower Mound area for many years when an opportunity to open an office in Tyler presented itself in 2004.  That one office turned into 4 in East Texas, and 2 offices in Houston were added in 2008, as well as 2 offices in DFW added in 2009.

While hard work, integrity, and service to his clients are hallmarks of Derek’s success, he is quick to credit his success to his Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. “I spent many years trying to live my life without Him. My life, my family, my work would not have near the significance without the Lord. He is the source of my significance and my motivation to serve others, because He was and is the perfect example of a servant.”

Derek is the proud father of 3 children – Lindsey (2001), Caleb (2004), and Ethan (2011) who keep him young, busy, and grounded. His hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, reading, and officiating high school basketball.

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